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Hey dear friends and partners-

Writing today from one of the most beautiful cities in the world–Cape Town South Africa! Everyone always asks if we have a favorite place that we’ve ministered so….I’m adding Cape Town to my list of favorites! It’s absolutely stunning!

We’ve had a couple of days to recoup from the first leg of the trip– and my, what an amazing first leg it’s been. The first week out, we ministered for Pastors Jimmy and Marianna Crompton at Word of Faith Church in Port Elizabeth SA. With over 4000 in attendance in the conference over Easter Weekend, many answered the altar call and many were healed. Just one of the many testimonies was from a lady who was healed in the Friday morning meeting after receiving the table of the Lord and came back Friday night with a beautiful testimony of lumps in her breast disappearing–to God be the Glory!

Last week, we were in Sao Luis Brazil with Evangelist Doug Rowland–seven services in 6 days and well over 8000 in attendance. We saw thousands answer the altar call and Sunday night alone, Ps Joe laid hands on 2000 people as we prayed for restoration of families and supernatural deliverance. We know this will not be the last time in Brazil but the first of many. The hunger of the Brazilian people is amazing and humbling. If only the American church was as hungry….

We begin here in Cape Town tomorrow with two weeks of meetings in several different locations. It’s been many years since we’ve been here but we are looking forward to a supernatural time in the presence of the Lord. Sunday morning we are in Revival Worship Centre with Pastors Jacques and Maria van der Westhuizen and Sunday evening we begin in River Church Cape Town with pastors Danie and Odette Slabbert through Tuesday night. Wednesday we are at Fresh Wind Ministries with Pastors Hennie Lubbe and finish the week in George South Africa in churches there.

April 22nd- 25th, we are at Deep River Fellowship CT with Pastors Mark and Lizelle Adonis and finish April in the Johannesburg area, ministering for Pastor Ben Ndobe in Dominion Life Church in Tembisa and Little Falls Christian Centre with Pastors Harold and Maude Weisz Sunday, April 28th.

We will share the May schedule in the next writing… Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, East London, Bujumbura Burundi, and Livingston, Zambia. We are overwhelmed at times with the opportunities that lay in front of us. The people in this part of the world are very very hungry and really draw on the anointing. With the exchange rate at 9 to 1 here in Africa and 2 to 1 in Brazil, our US dollar doesn’t go very far. The Lord has been very faithful to meet our needs.

Thank you to those who have sown into our missions trip. For others looking for an opportunity to sow seed, we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting WMI during this time. We need to purchase tickets to Burundi and Zambia over the next few weeks. We are looking at about $2500 US for airfare for both trips. The travel inside of Africa is very expensive. As well, you enable us to continue the work back home in Austin, getting the worship school, Cruse Institute for the Arts online, www.cruseinstituteonline.org, for classes to begin August 26th. These two months are truly a missions effort–a huge step of faith.

And last but not least, we are overhauling the Cruse Institute for the Arts website plus, we are getting our shopping cart back up and running. For those who’ve been asking to purchase product, you will now be able to purchase any or all of our product, Cd’s, teaching series, and/or individual songs, all available for download only at this time. Thank you for your patience–check in online in the next two weeks–super exciting!

We covet your prayers and thank you in advance for your generosity. For online giving, go to www.wmiglobal.org and click on the icon, “contributions”, then click, give to “WMI”. Your online giving is completely secure and tax deductible.

Look for pictures in future post–we love you guys and miss you!


Joe and Becky

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