South Africa’s Greatest Resource

Hey friends,

Greetings! We continue to write from the country of South Africa as we are in the middle of a two month missions’ trip and are totally convinced that South Africa’s greatest resources are the people! We’ve been coming to this nation for well over 17 years and have made wonderful friendships through the years. We’ve never met hungrier people, passionate about worship and for the presence of the Lord. They are caring and generous people who have weathered many storms and have come through stronger and better. Here’s an update on our time here–

Last weekend, we ministered in the Johannesburg area—Sunday am in Tembisa at Dominion Life Tabernacle with Pastors Ben and Patricia Ndobe. Three thousand people packed in a tent is such a sight to see. Several hundred came in the altar call and decided for Jesus. Dominion Life is putting the finishing touches on their new building which, when completed, will seat 10,000 people! Tembisa is one of the largest townships in the Jburg area and these guys are reaching a city like nobody’s business!

On Sunday night, we ministered in Little Falls Christian Centre for Pastors Harold and Maude Weisz and the place was packed! The glory of God rolled in like a cloud and many answered the altar call as well. What a privilege it was to lay hands on over a thousand people who came for healing, wholeness, and impartaion. The worship team, led by Marie Watson and Mallie Kelly, is a talented group of people who understand excellence and the anointing! It was a pleasure and a privilege to be on the stage with this team! Thank you guys for allowing us to minister with you!

This coming weekend, we look forward to being with our “family and friends” at Light of the Nations Church in Pretoria SA! We’ve been going to the Lindley’s church for many years and what a blessing they’ve been to our ministry. We will be ministering at the 9 am service and the 6pm service. If you live in the area—by all means, come and join us! We are expecting a mighty move of God and believe God will give us souls for our labors! for more details.

And then, at the end of the week, we fly to Bujumbura Burundi for a five day mission’s trip unlike any we’ve made before. We minister for Pastor Edmond Kiuyve who pastors a 10,000 member church wherein the President of Burundi is a member. The President is a spirit filled believer who has 3 full time praise teams that do praise and worship in his palace 24 hrs a day! (One can always hope and pray that happens in our country!)

We will wrap up this trip the entire month of May in Durban SA, Livingstone Zambia, East London SA, and Durban for the second time before coming home June 2nd.

We truly covet your prayers for this opportunity. We believe the Lord has opened the doors and are excited to see what happens on the other side. Friends, your generosity has sent us! Thank you to those of you that have sowed into this trip–Great is your reward!

I’m reminded of the passage out of 3 John 1 which says, “ Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church here of your loving friendship. Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God. For they are traveling for the Lord, and so we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.

To this point, we’ve spent over $10,000 US on this trip for the airfares alone, economy of course. It would be nice if the airlines would allow us to travel free because we preach the gospel but it just doesn’t happen that way. It’s God’s people who enable us to carry the gospel to the “far flung” corners of the earth and Burundi Africa is about as “far flung” as it gets! And trust me, you don’t come to Africa to make money. With the exchange rate at almost 10 to 1, the offerings (though the people do their very best) don’t even cover the costs. It is truly a mission’s endeavor.

We don’t share these things to put any pressure on people. That is not our intent. We only want to give those the Lord speaks to an opportunity to partner with WMI. If He speaks to you to sow seed, you may go to and click on contributions, then click “give to WMI.” Your online giving is secure and tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your seed. We are praying for a hundred-fold return on that which you sow!

Will close for now and write more later. We miss home so very much but we know we are completely in the will of God. Love to all.


Joe and Becky Cruse


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