Now is the Time

Hello dear friends and partners,

Wanted to take a moment and remind you of a scripture that means so much to us—

“But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way”. Luke 4:23 NLT

What a privilege it’s been to travel the world another year finding such worshipers! These days, as the political and financial climates continue to change worldwide, people that know their God are pressing in like never before. True worshipers—not just church attenders but true worshipers! What a blessing it is week after week to meet with churches, large and small, hungry for the true worship spoken of here in Luke. How important it is, in these last days, to keep the heavenly perspective ever before us. It’s so easy to get our eyes off of eternity and get all caught up in the daily grind. But true worshipers know how important it is to keep the main thing the main thing. Looking unto Jesus…that is what true worshipers do!

We trust you are looking unto Jesus today! He is Good, He is Just, He is Holy, He is Righteous, and He is Love! Don’t put your eyes on men—put your eyes on Jesus! Men fail but Jesus never fails. Worship keeps us magnifying His Lordship and minimizing our puny problems. Worship might not always change your circumstances but worship can change the atmosphere! Just like Paul and Silas in prison—I’d say they had an atmosphere change and it did change their circumstances and the jailor’s entire house was saved! The POWER of worship—we’ve seen over 30,000 lives changed this year in an atmosphere charged with the praises of God’s people.

As another year draws to a close, we can’t help but give our God praise for the amazing things He’s done in us and through us this year! We have literally traveled the globe and seen more people saved, healed, set free and delivered than ever in the history of Worshipworks Ministries, Intl. To God be ALL the Glory!

Speaking of travel, our last international trip this year is November 15-18, as we return to Sao Luis, Brazil for a National Worship Conference with Igreja Bautista Angelim and are believing God that thousands of lives are changed for eternity.

And along with all the travel, we’ve been busy uploading content (along with the other teachers) for the launch of the online school, Cruse Institute for the Arts, that will begin January 12, 2014. If you’ve not had a chance to check out the new website, go check it out! And if you know young men and women looking to get their degree in Music Ministry with a two-year Associates in Theology, or perhaps just want to take a music course or two, help us spread the word! We are using industry standard software for the online classes and webinars and believe the Lord has given us a key to make this available to many people around the world!

We’ve taken a step of faith this year and are taking the month of December off from traveling to finish final preparations for the school launch in January. The first half of 2014 is quickly filling up. Trips to Africa and Asia are already on the calendar. Also, we are working on recording a couple of new music CDs and several new teaching series are in the works.

Friends, we really do covet your prayers as we close out the year and prepare for 2014. We want to take a moment and thank many of you that have sowed sacrificially into WMI this year. Without your generous gifts, we could not have done all that God has allowed us to do. The harvest is really yours as you’ve partnered with us. We trust the Lord that we have been faithful stewards and believe heaven will record just that!

Perhaps there are folks reading this blog that the Lord is speaking to about sowing seed to help us finish strong. Absolutely no pressure— just always want to give people an opportunity to sow if the Lord speaks to them.

Simply go to our main website, WMIGlobal, click on “contributions” and click “give to WMI”. Your contributions are secure and as always, tax deductible. Remember, it’s not the amount—it’s the heart behind it! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

In closing, we thought we should share a few testimonies that came to us this year.

“Just letting you know – I have been receiving messages from people living all over the world who were watching the services via live streaming. They say even though they are so far away, they instantly felt God’s presence. I am seeing one major theme on their face book posts: “I remain confident in this, I will see the goodness of the Lord.” Hope you are having a great flight and that you feel the joy of what you brought to so many people this weekend.” From Pastor Bev Sumrall—Cathedral of Praise—Manila Philippines

“The God is Great CD is still one of the greatest recordings ever! Since we met in London with RHB, it has blessed and encouraged us on the mission field”–Thank you! From Dick Flores–Amsterdam & now 7 Years in Costa del Sol, Spain

“I was just at the Sunday evening service at Victory Fellowship and let me just say God used you guys to touch me in an amazing way! Words can’t describe how your music lifted my spirit. I was in a rut, a bit of a depression, but when you started singing that song about setting our hope on God cause He is the everlasting God, my spirit was awakened again. I GOT MY SONG BACK. Thank you for everything you do! Joe, the way you sing is awesome! It’s like when you sing, everyone has to participate in joining in, like it’s so powerful we just had to start singing with you! There was a fragrance that was moving around the room that night. And when I first smelled it I began to laugh uncontrollably! It was such a sweet fragrance. I believe God was pleased with your worship! Thank you so much for blessing me! I left changed and I have a new song in my heart that I just can’t stop singing! ” I will remain confident in this, I will see the goodness of the Lord”! From J.S. Mareaux, LA Blessings to you all! Ps Joe and Becky


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