$62 CLORIS Hot Pot with Grill 2 IN 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining CLORIS Hot Popular brand Pot with Grill 1 2 IN $62 CLORIS Hot Pot with Grill 2 IN 1 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining IN,1,/terms-of-use,2,joeandbeckycruse.com,Hot,Grill,$62,Pot,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,with,CLORIS CLORIS Hot Popular brand Pot with Grill 1 2 IN IN,1,/terms-of-use,2,joeandbeckycruse.com,Hot,Grill,$62,Pot,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,with,CLORIS

CLORIS Hot Popular brand Pot National products with Grill 1 2 IN

CLORIS Hot Pot with Grill 2 IN 1


CLORIS Hot Pot with Grill 2 IN 1

Product Description

CLORIS Korean bbq grill

hot pot with grill

  • Electric grill,making barbecue and hot pot combined in an way,adding more fun to your life
  • Hotpot with divider can make two taste of hot pot.
korean bbq grill
electric grill

CLORIS Indoor Hot Pot

Product highlight:

1.HOT POT AND BBQ: Electric grill,making barbecue and hot pot combined in an innovative way,adding more fun to your leisure time.

2.ADJUSTABLE POWER: Faster heating with larger power 2600W. Five-speed fire adjustment, It will automatically adjust when the temperature is too high or the gear position is wrong.You can adjust the firepower according to different ingredients and different tastes, enjoy different cuisines.

3.MATERIAL: Cast aluminum alloy material, with healthy non-stick coating, safe to use, while maintaining its durability.

The more benifits of CLORIS bbq grill electric indoor :

1.The included barbecue, hot pot, and cleaning 3-piece tool can help you enjoy a variety of food better.

2.CLORIS provides every customer with high-quality products and erfect service.


1.The first time you use it, white smoke or peculiar smell may appear, which is caused by the heating of the protective coating of the new material inside. It will disappear after a few minutes. It is normal and safe.

2.2.If you have any unhappy customer experience.Please contact our after-sales service team through the order,with your order ID and your issue. We guarranty a satisfied solution to you.

Package Contents:

2 x power cable

1x CLORIS 2 in 1 Electric BBQ Grill with Hot Pot

1x Cleaning brush

1x BBQ brush

1x Barbecue tongs

1x manual

CLORIS Hot Pot with Grill 2 IN 1

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