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Easy to 2021 Assemble Weather-Resistant Powder Large-scale sale Space C Coating Stools

Easy to Assemble Weather-Resistant Powder Coating Space Stools C


Easy to Assemble Weather-Resistant Powder Coating Space Stools C

Product description

Our Swivel bar stools with backs and arms designed for the bar counter height. Suitable for your outdoor garden, lawn, patio, porch, poolside, backyard as well as indoor use. Modern and stylish appearance create a great beautiful scenery. Provide a relaxed and happy outdoor place for you and your family!

360 degree swivel bar stools with high back amp; armrest
Counter height outdoor swivel bar stools
Upgraded textilene sling fabric, breathable and comfortable
Durable metal frame, rust and weather resistant
Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
Easy to assemble

Frame material: Powder-coated steel
Fabric material: Textilene fabric padded with quick dry foam
Color: Brown amp; Black
Swivel bar dimension: 23.6" L x 19.5" W x 51.4" H
Seat Height: 29.9"
Max. Load: 300lbs
Package size:26.4" L x 25.2" W x 12.6" H

Easy to Assemble Weather-Resistant Powder Coating Space Stools C

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