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Mobile Phone Special Campaign Holder Mounts Stands Outlet air Navigat Super popular specialty store Vehicle car

Mobile Phone Holder Mounts Stands Vehicle car air Outlet Navigat


Mobile Phone Holder Mounts Stands Vehicle car air Outlet Navigat

Product description

Compact size, elegant appearance. Innovative design, gravity linkage and triangular support, clamp automatically when the phone is put on the holder, steady and stable, release automatically when take the phone down from the holder, easy and convenient.Sturdy and Well Protective surface oxidation, Car Mount use Elastic amp; Slip-proof Clip hold the Air Vent firmly, soft rubbers on vent to avoid scratching your devices.


Name: Car Gravity Bracket
Colour: Black
Process: Oxidation sandblasting
Material: PC+Aluminum Alloy+Silicone
Installation method: clip-on
Fixed position: air outlet
Applicable models: 4.5-6.5 inch mobile phone


1* Car phone holder Mount

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will serve you.Our customer service team will reply you as soon as possible. Please check your car the position of the central control screen and the air outlet, and then choose to buy! For more questions, please consult the staff!

Mobile Phone Holder Mounts Stands Vehicle car air Outlet Navigat

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