Nine….no…….Ten things I’m thankful for this Christmas Day

Christmas Sunday, December 25, 2011—Sitting by the fire here on a wet, cold Sunday in awe of what this day represents to me and thought I would share them with you.


I’m thankful for God, my heavenly Father who loves me with an everlasting and incomparable love—no love compares.


I’m thankful for Jesus, God’s only Son, my Redeemer and my Baptizer, who shed His blood for my sins and makes me ready for heaven.


I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit, who enables and empowers me to have life on this earth and life more abundantly.


I’m thankful for the angels, the ministering spirits sent to defend and protect, “lest I dash my foot against a stone”.


I’m thankful for Word of God that became flesh and dwells among us. Christ, the Word Incarnate…living, breathing and alive in us.


I’m thankful for my testimony—once I was lost but now I’m found. Once I was blind but now I see. It is with my testimony and His blood that I can overcome.


I’m thankful for the husband of my youth, the love of my life, who most represents Jesus in my life and brings heaven to this earth for me.


I’m thankful for my children and grandchildren who serve the Lord and love Him passionately. They are the real music, the joy, and the laughter of my life.


I’m thankful for my friends in ministry, my co laborers, and those who have received our ministry and partnered with us through prayer, and through financial support all of these 40 years. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and much fruit is in your heavenly accounts!


I’m thankful for our church, City Worship Centre. You have blessed my life immeasurably.





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