$118 Home TV Cabinet Modern TV Stand Entertainment Center Wall Mounte Home Kitchen Furniture TV,$118,Home,joeandbeckycruse.com,Entertainment,Wall,Modern,/misfortuner248778.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Stand,TV,Center,Mounte,Cabinet TV,$118,Home,joeandbeckycruse.com,Entertainment,Wall,Modern,/misfortuner248778.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Stand,TV,Center,Mounte,Cabinet Home TV Cabinet Modern Stand Wall National products Center Mounte Entertainment Home TV Cabinet Modern Stand Wall National products Center Mounte Entertainment $118 Home TV Cabinet Modern TV Stand Entertainment Center Wall Mounte Home Kitchen Furniture

Home TV Cabinet Modern Stand Wall National products Center Mounte Entertainment Max 66% OFF

Home TV Cabinet Modern TV Stand Entertainment Center Wall Mounte


Home TV Cabinet Modern TV Stand Entertainment Center Wall Mounte

Product description

Color:Grey Oak 47.25"

TV cabinet is an indispensable part of every family. Our TV cabinet can meet your needs. It is a multifunctional storage cabinet, as a TV cabinet in the living room. The simple design makes the floating TV stand smooth and natural, and can easily complement any style of room or furniture. It will add a touch of classical flavor and vitality to your bedroom, living room, media room and office.It can also classify and store items, making your life simple and convenient, and providing you with enough storage space. Exquisite appearance and smooth surface form a sense of elegance and luxury. It's a good choice for you to decorate your home. Don't miss it.

1.Dimensions: 47.25 "L x 15.75" W x 11.8 "H
2.17kg/37.49lbs Weight : 17kg/37.49lbs
3.load-bearing :55lbs

Package Includes: 1 x TV Cabinet
1 x User Manual

Home TV Cabinet Modern TV Stand Entertainment Center Wall Mounte

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