Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,BR65-1,/misfortuner1803878.html,MONTAGUE,(48"),,$22,THERMOCOUPLE $22 MONTAGUE THERMOCOUPLE (48") BR65-1 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical MONTAGUE THERMOCOUPLE BR65-1 48" Baltimore Mall MONTAGUE THERMOCOUPLE BR65-1 48" Baltimore Mall Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,BR65-1,/misfortuner1803878.html,MONTAGUE,(48"),,$22,THERMOCOUPLE $22 MONTAGUE THERMOCOUPLE (48") BR65-1 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical





Product description


LENGTH: 48" WEIGHT: .16 lb


MONTAGUE: BR65-1, P17-1, V2EG1, 1036-7


MONTAGUE BAKE amp; ROAST OVEN MODELS: 12B-1, 12R-1, 13B-1, 13R-1, 22C-2, 23C-2 MONTAGUE CONVECTION OVEN MODELS: 115A, 115G, 115S, 115X, 115Z, 2115A MONTAGUE PIZZA OVEN MODELS: 13P-1, 14P-1, 23P-2, 24P-2


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