Monitor,,Portable,Electronics , Computers Accessories,$35,LCD,/metamere21268.html,1280X800,7",Display,Screen,N070ICG-LD1,Reso $35 7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen 1280X800 Display Reso Electronics Computers Accessories $35 7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen 1280X800 Display Reso Electronics Computers Accessories 7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen Rare Reso 1280X800 Display 7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen Rare Reso 1280X800 Display Monitor,,Portable,Electronics , Computers Accessories,$35,LCD,/metamere21268.html,1280X800,7",Display,Screen,N070ICG-LD1,Reso


7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen 1280X800 Display Reso


7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen 1280X800 Display Reso

Product description

LCD Controller Board:
HDMI DVI VGA AUDIO LCD Board Work for LVDS Interface LCD Screen
Input Power Adapter: 12Vdc More than 2A.
Come In Standby Model When Not Input Signal
Standby Model Video Input: HDMI DVI VGA
Audio Input: HDMI
Audio Output: Speaker Connector
OSD: Brightness Contrast Auto Language And So On
Language: English French German Spanish Italian And So On
Board Size: 125mm x 58mm x 17mm

7" N070ICG-LD1 1280X800 LCD Screen:
Display Mode HS-IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive
Resolution 1280RGB)×800
Outline Size 161 ×107×4.5 (H×V×D)
Display Area 149.76 × 93.6 (H×V)
Brightness 400 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Typ.) (TM)
Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10) [Left / Right / Up / Down]
Signal Interface LVDS (1 ch, 6-bit) , Connector , 40 pins
Backlight LED
Input Voltage 3.3V (Typ.)

Packing list :
1× HDMI VGA DVI LCD Controller Board M.NT68676
1× 7inch N070ICG-LD1 1280X800 LCD Screen
1× LVDS Cable
1× Keyboard With Cable

7" Portable Monitor N070ICG-LD1 LCD Screen 1280X800 Display Reso



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