$36 SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Attitude Nine-Axis Attitude L3G42 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Attitude Popular products Module L3G42 Nine-Axis SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Attitude Popular products Module L3G42 Nine-Axis $36,L3G42,GY-80,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Nine-Axis,9,Attitude,SYEX,Attitude,Module,axis,joeandbeckycruse.com,10DOF,/metamere1803668.html $36 SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Attitude Nine-Axis Attitude L3G42 Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $36,L3G42,GY-80,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Nine-Axis,9,Attitude,SYEX,Attitude,Module,axis,joeandbeckycruse.com,10DOF,/metamere1803668.html

SYEX Sales GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Attitude Popular products Module L3G42 Nine-Axis

SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Attitude Nine-Axis Attitude L3G42


SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Attitude Nine-Axis Attitude L3G42

Product description

Usage : Magnetic Sensor
Brand Name : ReYeBu
Type : Magnetic Sensor
is_customized : Yes
Material : Polymer
Output : Analog Sensor
Model Number : 9 axis Module
Theory : Resistance Sensor
Gy-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Nine-Axis Attitude L3G4200D ADXL345 HMC5883L BMP085 Module
3 Axis magnetic field of nine axis module (three-axis gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer + pressure)
The use of chip: L3G4200D + the ADXL345 + HMC5883L + BMP085
Power supply :3-5v
Means of communication: IIC communication protocol (fully compatible with thesystem 3-5v)
Module Size: 25.8mm * 16.8mm mounting hole 3mm
Package Includes:
1 * 9 axis Module

SYEX GY-80 10DOF 9 axis Module Attitude Nine-Axis Attitude L3G42



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