Let’s try this again 2018

Hello everyone! After a brief…hmmm…okay, not so brief hiatus, we are going to try to do a much better job this year keeping up with our blog. The days pass quickly and the travel and ministry opportunities fill every waking moment but we also know that many friends and supporters of this ministry love to hear from us.

As we begin our 46th year in full time ministry, (whew) we are even more aware of God’s goodness and His faithfulness in our lives. We absolutely love serving the Lord together and as He opens more and more doors of opportunity, we step right through them with joy and faith and love. It’s humbling to travel the world, meet the most wonderful people and realize that we have the privilege everyday of doing what most people only dream of. We are constantly reminded that it is not our doing, but it is HIS work in us and through us to build the Kingdom of God that keeps us going year after year. So, we hope to share each week or two some of the amazing things we get to enjoy and hope that you will follow us, pray for us and share our blog with your friends and family.

Two weeks ago, we were down in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in a city called Weslaco TX. Pastor Marvin and Melissa Caldera pastor Pave The Way Church and though it’s just a few years old, they have a great group of folks that love the Lord and love revival. People were changed, healed and delivered in His presence and we believe God has great things in their future. Thank you dear friends for hosting us and blessing us.

This past weekend, we were in Bellevue WA to join New Hope International Church and our dear friends Pastors Varun and Da Laohaprasit in weekend services. What an amazing church these guys have. They absolutely love revival and Pastor Lao has been faithful to contend for revival for his church and international ministry for many years. Early Monday morning, we boarded the EVA Airlines plane bound for Bangkok Thailand to join Pastor Lao for revival meetings in Bangkok and Chiangrai, a city in one of the northern provinces. The meetings in Bangkok begin this coming weekend (more about these later) but the Chiangrai meetings just finished and were more than mere words can express. The hunger of the Thai people all over this nation never ceases to amaze us. In a predominately Buddhist nation, the Fire of God is shining brighter and brighter. Pastor Lao comes several times a year and the crowds have grown larger and larger. We are so honored and humbled to join him and the team here to be a part of what God is doing through Ps Lao and his ministry. The picture below is of the altar call Wednesday night. To God be the Glory! As you can see, God is at work all over the world. Follow us as we share more of the great things God is doing! Chat soon!



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2 Responses to Let’s try this again 2018

  1. Jerry Kiker says:

    We heard the Cruz Family Singers at Forrest Park Baptist Church in Corus Christi, Texas years ago.
    We would like to know if the group will be singing in the Austin area any time in the future. We would love to hear them again.

    • admin says:

      We don’t have any dates on the calendar but check back periodically. There is talk of some possible reunion dates. Stay tuned!

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