Cooker,Traditional,Ceramic,,$93,/landladyish335034.html,Stockpot,,With,QPLKKMOI,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Rice,Ceramic Cooker,Traditional,Ceramic,,$93,/landladyish335034.html,Stockpot,,With,QPLKKMOI,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Rice,Ceramic QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot National uniform free shipping Traditional With Cooker Rice $93 QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot, Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker With Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $93 QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot, Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker With Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot National uniform free shipping Traditional With Cooker Rice

QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot National uniform free Spring new work shipping Traditional With Cooker Rice

QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot, Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker With


QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot, Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker With

Product description

Size: 3.2L

Product Name: Casserole

Color: earth color

Product capacity: 3.2L

Process: Handmade

Features: High temperature resistance / no glaze / heat even / vent design / handle / non-slip bottom / good heat storage / slow heat dissipation.

Thank you for your support and affirmation, we will strive to do better. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, thank you for your support.

QPLKKMOI Ceramic Stockpot, Traditional Ceramic Rice Cooker With

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