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Googol 5% OFF NEW before selling ☆ Power: Multiplication DVD Vacation

Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation DVD


Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation DVD

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Googol Power's "Multiplication Vacation" DVD

Math Music and More with Canada's Favourite NEW Children's Music Group*

The award winning Googol Power Math Series combines great MUSIC, an entertaining STORY and LAYERED LEARNING that provides educational FUN for all ages. Listeners will learn about our world, music, art, history and space while practicing math. This series was designed to spark curiosity about our world and beyond. Includes 18 songs and dialogue, math rules multiplication facts 0-13, skip counting, a lesson from The Learning Lady on early multiplication and googols more. Running Time 92 minutes

THERE'S BIG TROUBLE ON EARTH! Nena and the GoogolKids are having trouble learning their times tables! Send in the Googols, who use their powers to make multiplication an exciting adventure that journeys "from the jungles deep in Africa, to the icefields of Antarctica" and even into outer space! Follow Azatara, Cozmo, El Mundo the Great Wizard, and their friends Mr I. and Gary Q, as they use music and exploration to learn all about multiplication.

*Award Winning Music: 2005 Winner of the Canadian Independent Music Awards for Canada's Favorite Children's Group, Children's Music Web Best Educational Recording and Children's Music Web Best Song for Leonardo Da Vinci

From the Contributor

Children are amazing! They are born loving to learn and their learning ability is only limited to what they are exposed to. I wanted to create something that my own children and others would LOVE. Our products were designed to spark curiosity and wonder about our world and beyond. We hope that all children can be given the opportunity to develop a LOVE FOR LEARNING.

Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation DVD

TNC Genuine S3510 0TKM7J / TKM7J 480GB 2.5 6Gbps Read-Intensive
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