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Soil Moisture Inventory cleanup selling sale Meter Intelligent Monitor Pr Detector trust Plant

Soil Moisture Meter, Intelligent Plant Detector Plant Monitor Pr


Soil Moisture Meter, Intelligent Plant Detector Plant Monitor Pr

Product description

1. Our detector has four main functions, which mainly monitor the moisture in the soil, temperature conditions, light conditions, and soil fertility, and accurately monitor the values to protect the potted plants in all directions
2. The humidity probe will transmit the moisture in the soil to you in the form of a percentage through the screen of the mobile phone, which can accurately know whether the plant should be watered at present
3. Using professional metering equipment, accurate and fast feedback of different light conditions, all plants' light value records are clear at a glance, and the range of light values that can be monitored is very wide
4. CR2032 button battery power supply, long battery life, extra designed waterproof is used around the battery compartment to protect your equipment from water erosion, and can IPX5 waterproof level
5. The 4.1/wireless connection APP learns the growth parameters of plants in real time, and also records the growth data changes for each pot of plants in the cloud. It is simple to use and easy to get started

How to Use:

Soil Moisture Meter, Intelligent Plant Detector Plant Monitor Pr

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