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Tsanglight 3D VR Headset/Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Re


Tsanglight 3D VR Headset/Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Re

Product description

Tsanglight 3D VR Headset/Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Remote Controller for Android Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S7/S6/S5, IOS iPhone 7/6/6S Plus/SE amp; All Other SmartPhones[4.0-6.1 inch]

VR Headset Specifications:
Product Material: High quality ABS+PC eco-friendly material
Headband material: High-density elastic nylon belt
Lens: HD Diameter 42mm double aspheric optical resin lens
Lens Coating: Anti-blue, hardened and UV
Cushoning Material: High quality leather + memory foam
Support phone Size: 4.0-6.1 inches
Support phone system: Android / IOS
Analog viewing distance: 3 m inch giant screen to watch 1200
Product size: 20 * 12.8 * 12cm
Product Weight: 288g

Universal Bluetooth Remote Controller Wireless Gamepad Mouse/Joystick for IOS/Android for VR BOX Movies/3D Games

1. G single hand operation, but also the lateral hands operation, the two way
2. Battery Operated: Operated by 2 pcs of 7th AA batteries, batteries is not included.
3. Three powerful functions: mouse / selfie shutter / gamepad functions
Mode 1: Android mode, mouse / selfie shutter / gamepad function
Mode 2: iOS mode, music / selfie shutter(Note: iPhone has a lot of restrictions, so most of the game can not be controlled.)

How Can I Use This 3D VR Glasses?

Method 1: Download VR relevant apps from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and enjoy your VR glasses with this app. Just search “VR”, there will be hundreds of free apps for you to choose.
Method 2: Download 3D Videos (left-right format) into your phone, play it directly
Method 3: Download app through the QC code along with the package, watch online streaming videos in 3D

Package List: 
1 x 3D Virtual Reality Glasses 
1 x Bluetooth Remote Controller
2 x User Manual(1 for VR, 1 for controller) 

Tsanglight 3D VR Headset/Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Re

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