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Max 75% OFF Pevor Sauna Far Infrared Thermal P Blanket Long Beach Mall 71

Pevor Sauna Far Infrared Thermal Body Sauna Blanket, 71"×31.5" P


Pevor Sauna Far Infrared Thermal Body Sauna Blanket, 71"×31.5" P

Product Description

A Better You

Beauty Time

  • Just lie in the blanket and wait for 30 minutes, relax.
  • Enjoy life. a better you start from here.
  • Enjoy this sauna at anywhere. A better way to relax after your daily busy work. And you can enjoy a similar effect to the spa.


Heat Method Rapid heating
Maximum Temperature Reached 80℃
Material Outside PU, inside PVC
Control Remote Control
Voltage 110 Volt (US model)
Wattage 650 Watts

Pevor Sauna Far Infrared Thermal Body Sauna Blanket, 71"×31.5" P

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