Storage,,End,with,Material:,Solid,Aldana,Table,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,+,/landladyish1803634.html,Manufacture,Top,$228 $228 Aldana End Table with Storage, Top Material: Solid + Manufacture Home Kitchen Furniture Aldana End Table with Seattle Mall Storage Top Manufacture + Material: Solid Storage,,End,with,Material:,Solid,Aldana,Table,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,+,/landladyish1803634.html,Manufacture,Top,$228 Aldana End Table with Seattle Mall Storage Top Manufacture + Material: Solid $228 Aldana End Table with Storage, Top Material: Solid + Manufacture Home Kitchen Furniture

Aldana End Table with Seattle Mall Storage Top depot Manufacture + Material: Solid

Aldana End Table with Storage, Top Material: Solid + Manufacture


Aldana End Table with Storage, Top Material: Solid + Manufacture

Product description

1. No Assembly Required

This End Table with Storage mixes an industrial look with today''s style and offers industrial function. The hinged wood top has a rustic finish and opens to storage space inside. The rounder corner square base and the wide, metal strips have a rolled edge for dimension in a basket weave design.

1. Overall: 22'''' H x 18'''' W x 18'''' D

1. Integrated Wireless Charging Surface: No

1. Top Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
2. Top Color: White Wash
3. Base Material: Metal
4. Base Color: Galvanized Metal
5. Adult Assembly Required: No

1. Fully assembled

1. Overall: 22'''' H x 18'''' W x 18'''' D
2. Overall Product Weight: 15 lb.
3. Table Top Thickness: 0.59''''

1. Top Color: White Wash
2. Base Color: Galvanized Metal
3. Top Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
4. Base Material: Metal
5. Base Material Details: Iron
6. Trunk Storage: Yes
7. Tray Top: Yes
8. Weight Capacity: 50 Pounds
9. Supplier Intended and Approved Use: Residential Use
10. Country of Origin: China

1. Adult Assembly Required: No

1. Product Warranty: Yes
2. Warranty Length: 6 Months

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Aldana End Table with Storage, Top Material: Solid + Manufacture

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