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REPPUNK Men's Directly managed store Casual Denver Mall Distressed Patched Fitted Slim Skinn Ripped

REPPUNK Men's Casual Distressed Patched Ripped Slim Fitted Skinn


REPPUNK Men's Casual Distressed Patched Ripped Slim Fitted Skinn

Product description

Color: 90/91/95/96/97/98/92/65-1

Design: Button with zipper fly closure. Sweat-absorbent breathable fabric is soft to touch and comfortable for casual. You Will Hardly Find These Skinny Jeans for Men That Are Tight Around The Ankle With Such Good Quality. With ripped design on the knee,those jeans show your charming taste and keep you in fashion style. With enough elasticity and good material,feels very comfortable and looks great after trying it on. Nice cutting in good version style,easily to match your tops or shoes.

There maybe 0.39-0.79 inch deviation in different sizes, locations and stretch of fabrics. Size chart is for reference only, there may be a little difference with what you get. Because The Size Is Manual Measurement, The Size Is Subject To The Object.

★About Return Request:

REPPUNK Men's Casual Distressed Patched Ripped Slim Fitted Skinn

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