Flat Fixed Wall Mount Bracket inc for 2021 model UN60ES6003FXZA Samsung 60" Flat Fixed Wall Mount Bracket inc for 2021 model UN60ES6003FXZA Samsung 60" UN60ES6003FXZA,Wall,Flat/Fixed,for,60",/immortalist334828.html,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,Mount,Samsung,$47,inc,joeandbeckycruse.com,Bracket $47 Flat/Fixed Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inc Industrial Scientific Digital Signage $47 Flat/Fixed Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inc Industrial Scientific Digital Signage UN60ES6003FXZA,Wall,Flat/Fixed,for,60",/immortalist334828.html,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,Mount,Samsung,$47,inc,joeandbeckycruse.com,Bracket

Flat Fixed Wall Mount Bracket inc for 2021 Large special price !! model UN60ES6003FXZA Samsung 60

Flat/Fixed Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inc


Flat/Fixed Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inc

Product description

Compatible with the Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inch LED HDTV TV/Television, this Flat/Fixed Low-Profile Black Wall Mount Bracket puts the back of your TV only 1.3" from the wall and is ideal for displays with side or bottom facing connections. This Wall Mount supports most* 60" to 100" flat panel screens and LCD/Plasma TVs and it supports up to 220 lbs. This Fixed/Flat Wall Mount Bracket has undergone extensive safety testing and has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which ensures that it will perform safely and reliably. This mount is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. Its simple to align brackets and unique wall plate can be mounted to a variety of wall constructions including wood studs, brick or concrete. This wall mount supports VESA mounting patterns up to 900 x 600mm. It is constructed of toughened steel with a durable scratch resistant Black finish. Also included is all mounting hardware and simple to follow installation instructions. *Mounting holes on television should be between 7.9" and 35.4" apart horizontally amp; 7.9" and 23.6" apart vertically.

Flat/Fixed Wall Mount Bracket for Samsung UN60ES6003FXZA 60" inc

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