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3000W Vertical Wind Turbine 24V48V Magnetic Max 87% Super sale period limited OFF Levita 96V 220V 120V

3000W Vertical Wind Turbine 24V48V 96V 120V 220V Magnetic Levita


3000W Vertical Wind Turbine 24V48V 96V 120V 220V Magnetic Levita

Product description


1. Magnetic levitation generator Coreless generator, Horizontal rotation with high efficiecny

2.3 blades with curved design,utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation

3. 20years use life and 1 year for warranty, warmly welcome to be our agent.

4.small ,light ,stable and safely, special control principle expended the wind speed to 2.5 ~ 25m/s, utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation.


Started wind speed (m/s):2 m/s

Cut-in wind speed (m/s):3 m/s

Rated Wind speed (m/s):10 m/s

Rated voltage(AC):24V48V/96V/120V/220V

Rated power(W):3000W

Max power(W):3050W

Rotor Diameter of Blades(m):1.6m

Product assembly weight (Kg):
Blades colors:White

Blades height(m):1.92m

Safe wind speed (m/s):≤40m/s

Blades quantity:3

Blade material:Glass Fiber

Generator:Three phase permanent magnet suspension motor

Control System:Electromagnet

Mount Height(m):2- 12m

Generator protection grade:IP54

Work environment temperature:-25~ +459C

Work environment humidity:≤90%


Overspeed protection:Electromagnetic brake

Overload protection:Electromagnetic brake and the unloading unit


3×pcs blades


1 ×bolts amp;nuts

1× Main shaft and arms

1×Wind controller

3000W Vertical Wind Turbine 24V48V 96V 120V 220V Magnetic Levita

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