Projector,Native,/immortalist1885528.html,,Resolution,800,Electronics , Video Projectors,LED,$149,HD,Portab,XBYUNDING,480,1080 XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Resolution Native Direct store 1080 HD Portab $149 XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Native Resolution 1080 HD Portab Electronics Video Projectors XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Resolution Native Direct store 1080 HD Portab Projector,Native,/immortalist1885528.html,,Resolution,800,Electronics , Video Projectors,LED,$149,HD,Portab,XBYUNDING,480,1080 $149 XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Native Resolution 1080 HD Portab Electronics Video Projectors

XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Resolution Native Direct New mail order store 1080 HD Portab

XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Native Resolution 1080 HD Portab


XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Native Resolution 1080 HD Portab

Product description

Picture with keystone correction: You want to put it at multiple angles, we have trapezoidal up and down correction function.
Watch movies in HD, restore every detail:Cinema-level color performance, thinner and brighter, uniform brightness and rich color.
Heat Dissipation System of Dual Turbine Fans:Turbine circulating airflow concealed heat dissipation design, the system fully optimizes the air duct curve, and greatly enhances the heat dissipation effect, ensuring stable and smooth system operation.
Using the principle of diffuse reflection projection, even if you watch for a long time, you will not feel visual fatigue, which is suitable for the healthy way of watching movies for all the family!

Type: Digital Projector
Projection distance: 1-4m
Image size:30-170inch
Resolution:1920*1080 Max
Light source: LED
Home Theater Projector: Yes
screen scale: 04: 03/16: 9
Use: Home
Keystone correction: manual correction
projection technology: LCD
projective mode: throwing, ceiling

Package Included:
1 x Theater Projector
1 x Remote Control
1 x Cable and Manual

Warm Tips : Same screen Projector means the phone is connected
to the projector to project the screen of the phone onto the screen
If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve it for you as soon as possible

XBYUNDING LED Projector 800 480 Native Resolution 1080 HD Portab

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