for,Suitable,Quartz,/immortalist107628.html,Mute,Silence,$78,Bedroom,Style,Wall,Office,,Clock,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Silence Style Suitable Nashville-Davidson Mall Quartz for $78 Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Style Silence Suitable for Quartz Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $78 Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Style Silence Suitable for Quartz Home Kitchen Home Décor Products for,Suitable,Quartz,/immortalist107628.html,Mute,Silence,$78,Bedroom,Style,Wall,Office,,Clock,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Silence Style Suitable Nashville-Davidson Mall Quartz for

Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Silence Over item handling Style Suitable Nashville-Davidson Mall Quartz for

Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Style Silence Suitable for Quartz


Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Style Silence Suitable for Quartz

Product description


Welcome to my shop (JXLBB)
Product parameters:
Process: CNC engraving technology.
Size: 34.5cm*40cm.
Composition: Gerald MDF + Suzuki Scanning Movement + Pointer + Hook.
Color: red, blue, black.
1. Tap the nails without the hooks to avoid breaking the hooks.
2. If used on a tile wall, place the nail on the seam to avoid damaging the tile surface.
3. Please avoid using it in the place where the rotten wood is off the wall.
4. The hook theory weighs 3 kg. If there are other uses, do not overweight.
The frame is solid and sturdy, giving classic feel to the entire room decoration. Simple elegant design boasts a satin finish that is well suited for any room decor.
Add one AA battery to the clock, and it is convenient to change battery, perfect use in living room ,bedroom, classroom, hospital and even library other then patio or balcony.

Wall Clock Mute Bedroom Office Style Silence Suitable for Quartz

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