$91 EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa Fleece Blanket,60x80 Inches Ultra Soft Plus Home Kitchen Bedding $91 EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa Fleece Blanket,60x80 Inches Ultra Soft Plus Home Kitchen Bedding Fleece,EIUE,/ideopraxist362242.html,Sherpa,Soft,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Plus,Inches,joeandbeckycruse.com,Packs,Blanket,60x80,10,$91,Ultra EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa NEW before selling Fleece Blanket Inches Plus Soft Ultra 60x80 Fleece,EIUE,/ideopraxist362242.html,Sherpa,Soft,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Plus,Inches,joeandbeckycruse.com,Packs,Blanket,60x80,10,$91,Ultra EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa NEW before selling Fleece Blanket Inches Plus Soft Ultra 60x80

EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa NEW before selling Fleece Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Blanket Inches Plus Soft Ultra 60x80

EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa Fleece Blanket,60x80 Inches Ultra Soft Plus


EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa Fleece Blanket,60x80 Inches Ultra Soft Plus

Product Description


Soft kids bed quilt for sleep


  • Get the most out of your budget by purchasing 10 set of EIUE premium blankets for one low discounted
  • Double-side design(one side of smooth/one side fuzzy)offers different soft senses,it could improve your sleep.
  • Fabric Material: Microfiber Polyester
  • Package contains: 10 Pcs set
  • Color:Black


  • Machine wash(Cool water) tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not bleach,Do not iron,Do not dry clean.
  • Suggest you wash it separately before use.

EIUE 10 Packs Sherpa Fleece Blanket,60x80 Inches Ultra Soft Plus

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