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MTDWEITOO Max 46% OFF Edger Lawn Tool Hedge 21V Cordless Trimmers Electric High order

MTDWEITOO Edger Lawn Tool Hedge Trimmers Cordless, 21V Electric


MTDWEITOO Edger Lawn Tool Hedge Trimmers Cordless, 21V Electric

Product description

Are you worried about tending your yard during the growing season?
This Cordless Grass Trimmers can solve your troubles. You don't have to pay a lot of money to have someone do it, and you, don't have to waste a lot of manpower. With this Cordless Grass Trimmer, you can w-eed your yard anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and efficient

Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Battery: 21V 2000 mAh
Power: 1800W
Cutting diameter: 150mm
Speed: 6000 RPM
Contraction length: 920mm/33.7in
Stretch length: 1200mm/47in
Package Weight: 2580g/91.0oz
Package Size: 900*170*155mm/35.4*6.52*6.1in

● Cordless electric grass trimer
● Pure copper motor, strong power, fast speed
● Rechargable
● Used for weeds removal, lawn trimming, and tree shaping.
● Independent safety switch and trigger switch
● 33.7-47 inch free adjustable length for more comfortable yard work.
● 90° adjustable head angle for easy trimming areas that is hard to reach, such as under trees, corners, flower beds, etc
● 2000mAh lithium battery, up to 1 hours working time
● Upgrade detachable protective cover to protect blade
● Comes with 2pcs sawblades, 5pcs plastic-blades, 2pcs metal-blades, you can choose according to your demands

Package List:
1 * Grass Trimmer
5 * Plastic Blades
2 * Metal Blades
2 * Saw-Blades
2 * 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
1 * Charger
2 * Wrench
1 * Gloves
1 * safety glasses
1 * Bag of Accessories

MTDWEITOO Edger Lawn Tool Hedge Trimmers Cordless, 21V Electric

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