Gregory depot Porter "4 Albums" Original $24 Gregory Porter "4 Original Albums" CDs Vinyl Jazz $24 Gregory Porter "4 Original Albums" CDs Vinyl Jazz CDs Vinyl , Jazz,Albums",/ideopraxist21242.html,,Porter,Original,"4,Gregory,$24 Gregory depot Porter "4 Albums" Original CDs Vinyl , Jazz,Albums",/ideopraxist21242.html,,Porter,Original,"4,Gregory,$24

Gregory depot Excellent Porter

Gregory Porter "4 Original Albums"


Gregory Porter "4 Original Albums"

Editorial Reviews

Pour accompagner la sortie du nouvel album de Gregory Porter 'All Rise', Blue Note présente un coffret à prix doux réunissant quatre albums originaux à succès : Liquid Spirit (double disque d’or en France), Take Me To The Alley (disque d’or en France), Nat 'King' Cole amp; Me ainsi que One Night Only - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (CD amp; DVD).

Gregory Porter "4 Original Albums"

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