$25 VR Headset/Glasses with Remote Controller Headphones[Built-in] Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Controller,Headset/Glasses,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$25,/ideopraxist1885342.html,joeandbeckycruse.com,with,VR,Headphones[Built-in],Remote VR Headset Glasses with Built-in Controller Special price Remote Headphones VR Headset Glasses with Built-in Controller Special price Remote Headphones $25 VR Headset/Glasses with Remote Controller Headphones[Built-in] Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Controller,Headset/Glasses,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$25,/ideopraxist1885342.html,joeandbeckycruse.com,with,VR,Headphones[Built-in],Remote

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VR Headset/Glasses with Remote Controller Headphones[Built-in]


VR Headset/Glasses with Remote Controller Headphones[Built-in]

Product description

Turn your cellphone into a great 3D home theatre or gaming machine with TSANGLIGHT VR Glasses at anytime or place you want

Your home entertainment will be totally upgraded by the newest technology of virtual reality. The exciting 3D immersive experience brought by the VR headset when playing games, watching movies, experiencing virtual adventures like roller coaster, sky diving etc will make every cell of yours exhilarated!

VR Goggles’ Features

1. Lens: imported 40mm diameter aspheric optical eyes protective lens
2. PD amp; OD support adjustment: pupil 60-67mm, object 44-53mm, fits for 0-600° myopia and 0-500° hyperopia
3. Headphones response rate: 112dB/mW, Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz, impedance 32?
4. Free remote: powered by 2 AA batteries(not included)
5. Supports Screen Resolutions: HD, 3D, 720p, 1080p, 4K
6. Product size amp; weight: 222*205*99mm, 415g

All our products are tested qualify before shipment, below tips will help for fast learn/know this new high tech product: 
1.Get a good 3D effect video/game. All VR requires left-right format 3D effect videos, get a brilliant one
2. Adjust head band to find a best comfortable place to fix the wear band
3. Keep your cellphone at the middle of the panel(align the split screen’s middle line with headset’s) amp; align your eyes properly with the screen box to avoid blurred image.  Adjust the pupil/focus distance to get a clear watching image, we suggest focus one eye first and then another.
4. Also, eyes take time to get used to it after wore on, slightly move the VR on your face will help in finding a nice view. 
5. Phone size in 5.0-6.0 inch with 1080P resolution ratio will get a more shocking view.
6. For scientific use of eyes, we suggest to enjoy the VR no longer than 3 hours one time. 

Package List: 
1 x 3D VR with headphones
1 x Remote
2 x User Manual

VR Headset/Glasses with Remote Controller Headphones[Built-in]

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