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Ramen bowls Bowls Japanese-style Our shop OFFers the best service Large Bo Pasta Fruit Super sale period limited Salad Deep

Ramen bowls Bowls Japanese-style Large Deep Fruit Salad Pasta Bo


Ramen bowls Bowls Japanese-style Large Deep Fruit Salad Pasta Bo

Product description

If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Your affirmation is our greatest motivation!
★ Name: 5.5 inches salad/ soup bowl
★ Material: ceramic
★ Color: cat's eye blue, water spirit green
★ Origin: China's ceramic capital: Jingdezhen
★ Pieces: 1
★ Size: 5.5 inches bowl: diameter 14.3 cm, high 9cm, capacity: 700ml.
★ Style: Japanese-style, simple elegant, suitable for all occasion, great size for all kinds of party food.
★ Function: Big capacity meets soup ramen noodle fruit salad steak pasta cereal dessert vegetable sushi snack side food dish etc.
Fall in love with tableware, feel art and beauty.
Fall in love with kitchen and cooking, enjoy life and delicacy.
Started from a meal, from kitchen to dining room.
AINUO tableware, only do boutique, cook for the life.
We have a variety of styles of tableware, welcome to visit the store.
★ Why choose AINUO tableware?
1. All of our ceramic tableware are AB-Grade ceramic/ porcelain, meets all requirements of international standards exposure to lead, cadmium and bisphenol A. Take good care of it, it can be used for years over years.
2. Our tableware is a totally hand-made piece of art. ( Each piece has a slight difference. This is the characteristic of ceramic products.)
3. Different from wood and plastic, ceramic/ porcelain will not absorb bacterium and odor. Keeping your food fresh.
4. Compared with the stainless, it will not be out of shape and comfortable for hand gripping.
5. We have a ceramic factory, so there are a lot of cost-effective tableware to meet your preferences and home decoration.
★ Product notes:
1. For ceramic/ porcelain products, there may be fine pits, bubbles or black spots, etc., which are normal process phenomena an
Exciting look: The exciting surface of the robust stoneware creates a beautiful contrast to sleek white pieces

Ramen bowls Bowls Japanese-style Large Deep Fruit Salad Pasta Bo


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