LJJSMG Salad Spinner Minneapolis Mall 5L ABS Washer Lettuce Drai Vegetables Dryer $60 LJJSMG Salad Spinner 5L,ABS,Lettuce Vegetables Washer Dryer Drai Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /hamamelin107892.html,joeandbeckycruse.com,Vegetables,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spinner,Drai,5L,ABS,Lettuce,Washer,Dryer,Salad,LJJSMG,$60 LJJSMG Salad Spinner Minneapolis Mall 5L ABS Washer Lettuce Drai Vegetables Dryer /hamamelin107892.html,joeandbeckycruse.com,Vegetables,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Spinner,Drai,5L,ABS,Lettuce,Washer,Dryer,Salad,LJJSMG,$60 $60 LJJSMG Salad Spinner 5L,ABS,Lettuce Vegetables Washer Dryer Drai Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

LJJSMG Salad Spinner Minneapolis Mall Under blast sales 5L ABS Washer Lettuce Drai Vegetables Dryer

LJJSMG Salad Spinner 5L,ABS,Lettuce Vegetables Washer Dryer Drai


LJJSMG Salad Spinner 5L,ABS,Lettuce Vegetables Washer Dryer Drai

Product description

Spin Your Way to Fresh, Clean, Crisp Greens for Every Meal!
Wash, Dry, Store and Serve Your Salad, All With One Easy to Use, Convenient Appliance!

Avoid the tedious, time-consuming task of hand washing and laying veggies out to dry. With this salad spinner, you'll cut prep time in half as the bowl rinses and dries food at the fastest speed.

Name: Fruit and vegetable dehydrator

Name: Multifunctional dehydrator

Size: 24x22x19.5cm

Main function: dry vegetables and fruits

Material: plastic

Product features: high efficiency/healthy/environmental protection

Product packaging:
1*fruit and vegetable dehydration basket

Thank you for choosing and purchasing our products. If you have any questions after receiving our products, please contact us in time, we will reply and solve the problem within 24 hours.

LJJSMG Salad Spinner 5L,ABS,Lettuce Vegetables Washer Dryer Drai

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