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Sale price LLRYN Knife Holder Max 73% OFF Creative Kitchen Insert Storage Rack Kn

LLRYN Knife Holder Creative Kitchen Knife Storage Rack Insert Kn


LLRYN Knife Holder Creative Kitchen Knife Storage Rack Insert Kn

Product description

Wall-mounted knife rack
material: plastic
Size: 9*10*25cm
Put the knife upright, isolate the blade, and take it safely without hurting your hands.
Holds the wall firmly, waterproof and moisture resistant.
The corners are round and smooth, no burrs and no injury to the hands.
Don't pick the wall, hang it with peace of mind, the surface is frosted, and it feels comfortable.
Intimate storage cups, chopsticks, whisks, paring knives and other kitchen tools are easily stored.
The four conditions indicate that you need a cutlery storage bin:
Limited kitchen space

Knife utensils messy

It's often hard to find things

There's no way to clean things up.

LLRYN Knife Holder Creative Kitchen Knife Storage Rack Insert Kn

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