Movies TV , Fully Loaded DVDs,Presents,$28,Channel,Jazz,Earl,Klugh,The,/divertor334979.html, The Jazz Channel Earl OFFer Klugh Presents $28 The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh Movies TV Fully Loaded DVDs The Jazz Channel Earl OFFer Klugh Presents Movies TV , Fully Loaded DVDs,Presents,$28,Channel,Jazz,Earl,Klugh,The,/divertor334979.html, $28 The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh Movies TV Fully Loaded DVDs

In stock The Jazz Channel Earl OFFer Klugh Presents

The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh


The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh

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Discover your sense of jazz with extraordinary acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh as he performs live on "Jazz Central" at Black Entertainment Television's Studio 2 in Washington, D.C. It's classic Klugh in concert playing contemporary jazz soundscapes an melodic ballads in his trademark style. Tracks: Wiggle, Living Inside Your Love, Wind and the Sea, Rayna, Midnight in San Juan, Take It From the Top, Private Affair, Whimpers and Promises, Tropical Legs, Mount Airy Road, Last Song, Dr. Macumba. 73 minutes.

Ever since George Benson discovered him in the '70s, acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh has been a major force in contemporary jazz, thanks to his Blue Note, Liberty, and Warner Bros. recordings. On this segment filmed at the BET on Jazz studios in Washington, D.C., Klugh is backed by a superb combo consisting of drums, electric bass, keyboards, percussion, and saxophones, and he delivers a scintillating hour-plus set of quiet storm jazz. Klugh's Chet Atkins-inspired solos provide the melodic seasoning on his hits like the light funk numbers "Wiggle Wiggle" and "Mount Airy Road"; his Latin/Caribbean tunes "Livin' Inside Your Love" and "Dr. Macumba," and his bebop-like swing composition "Take It from the Top." Klugh's romantic side comes through on the beautiful ballad "Rayna," and his radio-friendly grooves illuminate the catchy "Private Affair." Shot in crystal-clear color, Klugh and company look good and sound good with their cutting-edge music for the heart and the hips. --Eugene Holley Jr.

The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh

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