US Warehouse NUFR Home Platform Bed Solid Max 63% OFF Wo with Trundle Pine US Warehouse NUFR Home Platform Bed Solid Max 63% OFF Wo with Trundle Pine $181 (US Warehouse) NUFR Home Platform Bed with Trundle Solid Pine Wo Home Kitchen Furniture $181 (US Warehouse) NUFR Home Platform Bed with Trundle Solid Pine Wo Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,Wo,Warehouse),/divertor200779.html,Pine,Trundle,,Solid,Platform,NUFR,(US,Bed,with,$181 Home Kitchen , Furniture,Home,Wo,Warehouse),/divertor200779.html,Pine,Trundle,,Solid,Platform,NUFR,(US,Bed,with,$181

US Warehouse NUFR Home Platform Bed Solid Max 63% OFF Easy-to-use Wo with Trundle Pine

(US Warehouse) NUFR Home Platform Bed with Trundle Solid Pine Wo


(US Warehouse) NUFR Home Platform Bed with Trundle Solid Pine Wo

Product description


-Material: Pine wood+ MDF

-Size: Twin

-Colour: Espresso/ Gray/ White( can choose)

-Numbers of slat( bed/ trundle): 10/10

-Function: Twin size daybed

-Decoration: With trundle

-Numbers of package: 1

-Spring box: No need

-Assembly Required: Yes


-Bed: 76'' x 39.8''

-Trundle: 39.8'' x 75.6''

-Total height: 22.8''

-Recommend mattress thickness of bed: 6''- 8''

-Recommend mattress thickness of trundle: 6''

-Weight capability( bed/ trundle): 250lb/ 175lb

(US Warehouse) NUFR Home Platform Bed with Trundle Solid Pine Wo

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