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KXBYMX Free shipping New Newspaper Stand Wall-Mounted Display Li New popularity Shelf

KXBYMX Newspaper Stand Wall-Mounted Shelf Shelf Display Stand Li


KXBYMX Newspaper Stand Wall-Mounted Shelf Shelf Display Stand Li

Product description


* Ready to use: This shelf is designed to put all magazines and newspapers in one place; it makes us more convenient to use.

Name: Wall-mounted magazine rack

Material: Iron

Colors: White, Black

Size: as shown

Whether to assemble:

Additional features: suspension

Metal structure process: welding


*Strong stability, waterproof and moisture proof, not easy to rust, delicate interface

*Place magazines and magazines of different specifications to present creative storage art

* Excellent quality, attention to detail, every detail is clear, and the quality is maintained.

KXBYMX Newspaper Stand Wall-Mounted Shelf Shelf Display Stand Li

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