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Wow—How can it be June already! Is it me or does this year feel like it’s flying by? I trust you guys are enjoying your summer or winter break, depending on where you live! I always tend to think that things will slow a bit for Worshipworks Ministries/Cruse Institute, but it’s usually a false sense of reality! We are definitely gearing up for a packed summer of missions and ministry!

As I speak, we are on our first international trip since March of 2020! Helsinki Finland! We have been looking forward with great anticipation to a powerful week with our friends, Pastors Tomi and Sanna Lehto and the River Church Helsink for their summer conference June 19-26 that will impact many in Finland and other Scandinavian countries as well. Its gonna be a blowout! We will be sending photos to our socials so watch for updates of this glorious time—8 days, 2 meetings a day of Heaven on Earth!

Upon returning from Finland the last of the month, we have less than 24 hrs at home to wash and repack and we head to Livingstone Zambia to join our dear friends, Phil and Sharon Smethurst and Overland Missions for their week of revival and impartation June 3-8 for their missionaries launching out to the far flung corners of the globe! 

Dear friends and partners, we want to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have supported us in this missions endeavor.  We are believing God for a huge return on all you’ve sowed and that salvations, healing, impartation will abound in you and for you because of your generous giving!

I’m reminded of this powerful scripture in 3 John verse 5 which says—

5 Beloved, it is a fine and faithful work that you are doing when you give any service to the [Christian] brethren, and [especially when they are] strangers.

6 They have testified before the church of your love and friendship. You will do well to forward them on their journey [and you will please do so] in a way worthy of God’s [service].

7 For these [traveling missionaries] have gone out for the Name’s sake (for His sake) and are accepting nothing from the Gentiles (the heathen, the non-Israelites).

8 So we ourselves ought to support such people [to welcome and provide for them], in order that we may be fellow workers in the Truth (the whole Gospel) and cooperate with its teachers.

Will you covenant with us this month to pray for Worshipworks? We are asking the Lord for safe and easy passage to and from these countries and that His Kingdom would be lifted up and glorified through us as we worship the King of Kings…AMEN! We are asking the Lord for a fresh sound of heaven to be released in the earth and a great harvest of souls that would change homes, lives, and communities all over this world!

Until next time, 

Ps Joe and Becky Cruse

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