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ZDXY High Pressure Washer 52V order Electric Gun Topics on TV

ZDXY High Pressure Washer 52V Electric High Pressure Washer Gun


ZDXY High Pressure Washer 52V Electric High Pressure Washer Gun

Product description

Product description
1. The powerful 800W copper motor of the high-pressure cleaner. 30000rpm speed can work continuously, long service life, will not burn the machine.
2. By rotating the nozzle of the cleaning machine gun head, the water flow is gradually adjusted from small to large, and the fan shape and direct water level adjustment can be switched at will.
3. Strong battery life up to 60-80 minutes, strong power battery greatly prolongs the service life of the machine
4. The wireless car washing machine is portable, self-priming, faster and stronger. The built-in high-efficiency stainless steel fine filter can filter the impurities in the water deeply.
5. The pump head adopts plunger pump, which has extremely high impact force.

Product specifications
Product Name: Cordless High Pressure Washer
Working time: about 60-80 minutes
Peak pressure: 25MPa
Battery: 30000mAh lithium battery
Power: 800W
Size: 40 X16 X40 cm
Including: high pressure washer X1, 52V 30000 Ah battery X1, 1 x 0° nozzle, 1 x 40° nozzle, 1 x 360° nozzle extension rod, 1 x stainless steel filter, 1 x 5M water pipe, 1 x adapter charger, 1 x storage bag

1. Before use, please connect the water pipe and the nozzle first.
2. After connecting the water pipe, please try your best to carry out a thrust test on the connected water pipe to ensure that the connection is not loose.
3. After the water injection nozzle and the extender are connected, make sure that there is no water leakage, and you can use our cordless car washing machine comfortably.

ZDXY High Pressure Washer 52V Electric High Pressure Washer Gun

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