TTC 11 16" x 3 MT RH Cobalt Taper Shank Drill OFFicial $37 TTC 11/16" x 3 MT Cobalt RH Taper Shank Drill Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $37 TTC 11/16" x 3 MT Cobalt RH Taper Shank Drill Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools TTC 11 16" x 3 MT RH Cobalt Taper Shank Drill OFFicial x,3,Shank,MT,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Taper,/crocodile107690.html,11/16",RH,,$37,Cobalt,TTC,Drill x,3,Shank,MT,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Taper,/crocodile107690.html,11/16",RH,,$37,Cobalt,TTC,Drill

TTC 11 16

TTC 11/16" x 3 MT Cobalt RH Taper Shank Drill


TTC 11/16" x 3 MT Cobalt RH Taper Shank Drill

Product description

General purpose, heavy duty drills designed for drilling holes in a variety of normal steels, cast iron, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys.
Used with either portable or stationary machines having a taper socket spindle.
Made from cobalt steel and resist the heat build up caused by the drilling operations very well.
The taper shank is to be used in a taper socket.

TTC 11/16" x 3 MT Cobalt RH Taper Shank Drill

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