Electronics , Computers Accessories,2GB+32GB,,Call,House,Phone,joeandbeckycruse.com,PC,,inch,,$339,3G,/compressive335149.html,10.1,Tablet,Android,5,ZQ ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet Android Lowest price challenge PC 10.1 5 2GB+32GB inch $339 ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet PC, 10.1 inch, 2GB+32GB, Android 5 Electronics Computers Accessories Electronics , Computers Accessories,2GB+32GB,,Call,House,Phone,joeandbeckycruse.com,PC,,inch,,$339,3G,/compressive335149.html,10.1,Tablet,Android,5,ZQ $339 ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet PC, 10.1 inch, 2GB+32GB, Android 5 Electronics Computers Accessories ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet Android Lowest price challenge PC 10.1 5 2GB+32GB inch

ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet Android Lowest price Popular brand challenge PC 10.1 5 2GB+32GB inch

ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet PC, 10.1 inch, 2GB+32GB, Android 5


ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet PC, 10.1 inch, 2GB+32GB, Android 5

Product description

1. MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz CPU.
2. 10.1 inch IPS 1280x800 capactitive touch screen, 5 point multi-touch, ratio: 16:9.
3. Built in speaker(2x1w).
4. Support voice calling by bluetooth.
5. Games: 3D Game can be supported by internal 3d accelerate of hardware ,There are more than 200 thousands kind of free software in goole market.

ZQ House 3G Phone Call Tablet PC, 10.1 inch, 2GB+32GB, Android 5



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