to,/compressive248649.html,$224,TVs,Material:,Wood,,up,TV,Stand,Manufactured,78",,Electronics , Television Video,Weidel,,for to,/compressive248649.html,$224,TVs,Material:,Wood,,up,TV,Stand,Manufactured,78",,Electronics , Television Video,Weidel,,for Weidel TV Stand for TVs up It is very popular to Manufactured Wood 78" Material: Weidel TV Stand for TVs up It is very popular to Manufactured Wood 78" Material: $224 Weidel TV Stand for TVs up to 78", Material: Manufactured Wood, Electronics Television Video $224 Weidel TV Stand for TVs up to 78", Material: Manufactured Wood, Electronics Television Video

Weidel TV Stand for TVs up It is very popular to Manufactured Wood 78

Weidel TV Stand for TVs up to 78", Material: Manufactured Wood,


Weidel TV Stand for TVs up to 78", Material: Manufactured Wood,

Product description


1. Engineered Wood
2. Weight Capacity: 100 lb.

This TV Stand instantly focuses your home with its flared modern design. Eye-catching raised shelves to allow you to enhance the look of décor or brilliantly showcase speakers. With center rear-wiring access shelves this TV Stand makes it easy to organize your entertainment essentials.

1. Overall: 70.86'''' W x 23.77'''' H x 16.92'''' D

1. Number of Cabinets: 2

1. Material: Manufactured Wood

1. Steady flat rested base
2. Two raised shelves offer ample room for showcasing speakers and décor

1. Overall: 70.86'''' W x 23.77'''' H x 16.92'''' D
2. Shelf: 7.32'''' H x 39.5'''' W x 15'''' D
3. Maximum TV Screen Size Accommodated: 78"
4. Weight Capacity: 100 lb.
5. Overall Product Weight: 93 lb.

1. Design: Cabinet/Enclosed storage
2. Material: Manufactured Wood
3. Material Details: Particle Board; MDF
4. Cabinets Included: Yes
5. Number of Cabinets: 2
6. Adjustable Shelving: No
7. Media Storage: Yes
8. Cable Management: Yes
9. Tipover Restraint Device Included: No
10. Product Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth; Avoid harsh solvent
11. Supplier Intended and Approved Use: Residential Use
12. Country of Origin: Viet Nam

1. Level of Assembly: Full Assembly Needed
2. Adult Assembly Required: Yes
3. Suggested Number of People: 2
4. Additional Tools Required: Screw Driver
5. Avoid Power Tools: Yes

1. Commercial Warranty: No
2. Product Warranty: Yes
3. Warranty Length: 30 Days
4. Full or Limited Warranty: Limited

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Weidel TV Stand for TVs up to 78", Material: Manufactured Wood,



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