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Saxophone Man


Saxophone Man

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The real David Murray might just be hiding in this double DVD
set! There is a strange paradox running through these three films:
when we watch them, we don t learn so much about the man,
but a lot about his music. Yet this is surely where the true David
Murray lies: I m a jazzman: don t look elsewhere, don t mistake
me for someone else. Everything I have to say is in my music; it
talks about me and the world...


The most widely recorded saxophonist of his generation, David
Murray s brawny tenor has been heard in a dizzying array of
configurations. --All About Jazz

One of the most innovative and inventive musicians in jazz. --BBC Radio 3

Few musicians in jazz history have proven more vigorously
productive and resourceful than David Murray. During the past
35 years, from the moment he first visited New York as a 20-yearold
student, playing in a walkup loft in 1975, David has careened
forward in a cool, collected, rocket-fueled streak. --Gary Giddins

Saxophone Man



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