Kitchen,Cookie,Set,,$28,Baking,6 ,Colorful,of,supplies,accessories,/cervoid1885408.html,sh,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Colorful Set of 6  Baking Cookie Kitchen accessories supplies sh Very popular! Colorful Set of 6  Baking Cookie Kitchen accessories supplies sh Very popular! Kitchen,Cookie,Set,,$28,Baking,6 ,Colorful,of,supplies,accessories,/cervoid1885408.html,sh,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $28 Colorful Set of 6  Baking supplies Kitchen accessories Cookie sh Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $28 Colorful Set of 6  Baking supplies Kitchen accessories Cookie sh Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Colorful Set Regular store of 6  Baking Cookie Kitchen accessories supplies sh Very popular

Colorful Set of 6  Baking supplies Kitchen accessories Cookie sh


Colorful Set of 6  Baking supplies Kitchen accessories Cookie sh

Product description

Elegant set of 6 stoneware is perfect for creme brulee, mini quiches, and other individual desserts and dishes. Classic fluted dishes set looks lovely with any table setting, and each features a different color rim. Cooking and cleanup couldn't be easier since this set is for dishwasher, microwave, and oven up to 320F. Approx. 2 1/4" H x 3 1/2" dia.

Colorful Set of 6  Baking supplies Kitchen accessories Cookie sh

Journal of Ecological Engineering (JEE) is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles in the areas of the protection and restoration of the natural environment.
Current issue
Volume 22, Issue 8, 2021

Variation in Root Development Response of Napier Grass to Drought Stress

J. Ecol. Eng. 2021; 22(8):64–74
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