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amzyunzhishangmao 170 Degree A Encompassing Fresno Mall Angle Lens 2 Black Factory outlet

amzyunzhishangmao 170 Degree A Encompassing Angle Lens(Black), 2


amzyunzhishangmao 170 Degree A Encompassing Angle Lens(Black), 2

Product description


Pro HD 4K WiFi Sport Camera with Distant Control amp; Waterproof Case, Generalplus 4247, 2.0 inch LCD Screen, 170 Degree A Wide Angle Lens(Black)
4K/2K/1080P/720P video format, clearly and smoothly record your ripping movements.
170 degree A fisheye lens, create HD images from a wider vision.
0 inch HD display for clear and colourful display of scenes and instant playback.
Compact raincoat camera case, enable you to record exciting marine adventures. (30m underwater)

amzyunzhishangmao 170 Degree A Encompassing Angle Lens(Black), 2

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