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MYBA Now free shipping Laptop Cooling pad USB Outlet sale feature 2 Ports Pad

MYBA Laptop Cooling pad Laptop Cooling Pad, 2 USB Ports Cooling


MYBA Laptop Cooling pad Laptop Cooling Pad, 2 USB Ports Cooling

Product description


It combines style and efficient cooling. You will stand out wherever you go , we designed it to be as quiet as can be: you will barely notice it even at maximum out.
◆ This cooling pad adopts ergonomic quadrant elevation design, giving you the optimal typing angle to relieve muscle fatigue after long-time laptop operation.

◆ Mute motor and 5 fans provide superior airflow at whisper quiet noise levels, spinning at over 1500 RPM. The 17" laptop cooler provides a good air flow allowing you to work all day without making any noise and interrupting your flow.

◆ The laptop cooling pad is made of high-quality metal + ABS plastics, with smooth and comfortable hand feel and elegant appearance, providing you with greater comfort during use.

Fan speed: 1500/1300+10%RPM
Model: A1
Key mode: wheel speed control
Product material: plastic, iron mesh
Working voltage: 12V/5V
Product interface: DC/USB
Input power: 3.3W/8.4W
Product weight: 0.85KG
Working current: 0.7/0.65 ± 0.05A
Fan size: 140*140*20 (5pes)
Product size: 41*29.3*3cm

Packaging Included
1 x Laptop Cooling Pad
1 x Knitted USB Cable
1 x Instruction Manuel

MYBA Laptop Cooling pad Laptop Cooling Pad, 2 USB Ports Cooling


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