CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Storage Rack Single-Sided Steel Store Storage,Flower,Steel,$338,,Stand,Rack,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Furniture,CHUNSHENN,Single-Sided,/arithmography200712.html $338 CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Steel Storage Rack Single-Sided Home Kitchen Furniture CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Storage Rack Single-Sided Steel Store $338 CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Steel Storage Rack Single-Sided Home Kitchen Furniture Storage,Flower,Steel,$338,,Stand,Rack,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Furniture,CHUNSHENN,Single-Sided,/arithmography200712.html

CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Storage Rack Single-Sided Steel Purchase Store

CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Steel Storage Rack Single-Sided


CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Steel Storage Rack Single-Sided

Product description

We always attach great importance to our customers. Please feel free to contact us If you find any defects on the product.
Product Name: Kitchen Storage Shelf

Material: Stainless steel

color: grey

Specification: LxWxH-49.5x36.5x43.5cm

Number of floors: single floor

Packing list: storage rack × 1

Installation method: table top placement

Storage item type: microwave / oven rack

Uses: kitchen, bathroom, living room

Cleaning method: rinse with water, wipe with rag, clean regularly, keep clean

Features: no rust, 1, strong storage, stable load bearing, stylish and beautiful


This product contains only one dining stand and does not contain other items.

Non-human damage, the manufacturer includes a 2-year warranty

Rugged construction: all components and supports make the unit less prone to shaking or damage during transportation and use

CHUNSHENN Flower Stand Stainless Steel Storage Rack Single-Sided

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