Whiskey,/arithmography200612.html,Whisky,$270,bar,Decanter,Decanter,accessories,Decan,joeandbeckycruse.com,Home,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Wine $270 Home bar accessories Whiskey Decanter Wine Decanter Whisky Decan Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Colorado Springs Mall bar accessories Whiskey Decan Decanter Wine Whisky Whiskey,/arithmography200612.html,Whisky,$270,bar,Decanter,Decanter,accessories,Decan,joeandbeckycruse.com,Home,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Wine Home Colorado Springs Mall bar accessories Whiskey Decan Decanter Wine Whisky $270 Home bar accessories Whiskey Decanter Wine Decanter Whisky Decan Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Home Tucson Mall Colorado Springs Mall bar accessories Whiskey Decan Decanter Wine Whisky

Home bar accessories Whiskey Decanter Wine Decanter Whisky Decan


Home bar accessories Whiskey Decanter Wine Decanter Whisky Decan

Product description

PREMIUM QUALITY GLASS: These beautiful decanters for alcohol made from premium quality glass, carefully shaped to provide both durability and style.
Product: Whiskey Crystal Decanter
Capacity and size:(bottle) Height:27cm, width:12.5cm,capacity: 800ml,(Glasses ) height:9.7cm caliber: 9.4cm, capacity: 320 ml
Materials: glass
Features:dustproof, easy to clean
Use: home,Hotel, cafe, bar etc.
Packaging including:
7 sets (Wine bottle x 1 + wine glasses x 6)
1. Manual measurement, product size and physical may have 1-2cm error is normal.
2. Due to light and different displays, the colors of the images may be deviated,please refer to the actual product.
3. Glassware is not a craft, there are slight bubbles, which is normal.
Makes Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers, or Anyone Who Drinks Wine

Home bar accessories Whiskey Decanter Wine Decanter Whisky Decan

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