Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,,Heavy,Slide,H,Rail,3,Bearing,/anuloma335048.html,Cabinet,220kg,$303,Drawer,Fold,Duty,Ball $303 Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 3 Fold Ball Bearing 220kg H Tools Home Improvement Hardware $303 Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 3 Fold Ball Bearing 220kg H Tools Home Improvement Hardware Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 220kg H Bearing Max 79% OFF Ball 3 Fold Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,,Heavy,Slide,H,Rail,3,Bearing,/anuloma335048.html,Cabinet,220kg,$303,Drawer,Fold,Duty,Ball Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 220kg H Bearing Max 79% OFF Ball 3 Fold

Drawer Heavy Duty Max 53% OFF Cabinet Slide Rail 220kg H Bearing Max 79% OFF Ball 3 Fold

Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 3 Fold Ball Bearing 220kg H


Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 3 Fold Ball Bearing 220kg H

Product description

Color:14 Inch 356mm

【Name】Heavy drawer slide
【Size specification】8 inch -72 inch (200mm-2000mm) with lock (customizable for more than 50 inch)
【Surface treatment】 Sealing blue (with anti-rust and anti-oxidation effect)
【Width】76 wide
【Opening method】 Three sessions full exhibition
【Installation clearance】19mm+-0.5
【Maximum load】220KG
【Material】 Cold rolled steel
【Installation method】 side mounted
【Plate thickness】 Outer rail-2.5mm Middle rail-2.5mm Inner rail-2.5mm
We provide clear pictures, measurements where possible. Please check as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.

All -dimensions are measured by hand, Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement.(1inch=2.54cm).

Please be careful to place an order, If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Drawer Heavy Duty Cabinet Slide Rail 3 Fold Ball Bearing 220kg H

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{-moz-box-sizing: 14px;} html High-quality text-align:center;width:inherit

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