Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Directly managed store Drawers Three Top Baskets Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Directly managed store Drawers Three Top Baskets with,Steel,Table,Three,/anuloma200448.html,Stainless,Drawers,Xcasso,Baskets,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Top,$93,joeandbeckycruse.com with,Steel,Table,Three,/anuloma200448.html,Stainless,Drawers,Xcasso,Baskets,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Top,$93,joeandbeckycruse.com $93 Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Top Drawers Three Baskets Home Kitchen Furniture $93 Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Top Drawers Three Baskets Home Kitchen Furniture

Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Directly managed store Drawers Three Popular product Top Baskets

Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Top Drawers Three Baskets


Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Top Drawers Three Baskets

Product description


This is a beautiful and practical kitchen cart. It is made of natural bamboo and wood, stainless steel tabletop, high-quality metal handles, so that the texture of this kitchen cart is undoubtedly displayed. This kitchen cart with three storage drawers, two shelves, three metal food baskets, can store all kinds of food and kitchen supplies. Hand-pushed handle, can be easily pushed to various positions, can also be used as a towel hanger. This kitchen cart in addition to kitchen cabinet use, but also can be used as a small dining table dining room.If you want to have more functions, good quality kitchen cart, this is your best choice!


1. Natural bamboo wood quality

2. Stainless steel table

3. High quality metal handle

4. Three drawers, three baskets, two shelf panels

5. Cart handle (towel rack)

6. Need to assemble


1. Material❂? Bamboo

Xcasso with Stainless Steel Table Top Drawers Three Baskets

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