Fold-in-Half,/anuloma107748.html,Handle,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Foldin,Folding,Table,,WCN,$169,Portable,with,Table $169 WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half Portable Table with Handle Foldin Home Kitchen Furniture Soldering WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half with Handle Foldin Portable Soldering WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half with Handle Foldin Portable $169 WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half Portable Table with Handle Foldin Home Kitchen Furniture Fold-in-Half,/anuloma107748.html,Handle,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Foldin,Folding,Table,,WCN,$169,Portable,with,Table

Soldering WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half with Handle Foldin Portable Popular standard

WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half Portable Table with Handle Foldin


WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half Portable Table with Handle Foldin

Product description


This table is great for entertaining. It can be used as a serving table or outdoor dinning table.
Product Name: Folding Table
Desktop material: high-density polyethylene
Leg material: steel frame
Number of users: 4-6 people
Feature: Foldable
Weight: 11kg
If you have any questions about our folding table, please send us an email.

WCN Folding Table Fold-in-Half Portable Table with Handle Foldin

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