Full,Sand,Purple,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Kung,Set,,Room,Semi-automatic,$115,joeandbeckycruse.com,/Quillaja200577.html,Set,Teapot,Living Teapot Fashion Set Living Room Full Semi-automatic Sand Purple Kung $115 Teapot Set, Living Room Set Full Semi-automatic Purple Sand Kung Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Full,Sand,Purple,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Kung,Set,,Room,Semi-automatic,$115,joeandbeckycruse.com,/Quillaja200577.html,Set,Teapot,Living $115 Teapot Set, Living Room Set Full Semi-automatic Purple Sand Kung Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Teapot Fashion Set Living Room Full Semi-automatic Sand Purple Kung

Large special price !! Teapot Fashion Set Living Room Full Semi-automatic Sand Purple Kung

Teapot Set, Living Room Set Full Semi-automatic Purple Sand Kung


Teapot Set, Living Room Set Full Semi-automatic Purple Sand Kung

Product description


Product description
This is a very elegant ceramic Kung Fu tea set, he can make the temperament more prominent, it will be a good holiday gift.
Kungfu tea set design,Teapot is the main tea container, use the fair cup to divide the tea, the tea is divided into the same color, and the eagle mouth design, neat and tidy.
Advantages,It is resistant to cold and heat, and it is not hot. It can be used in gatherings to make the atmosphere more comfortable.
Function,Tea break can effectively remove the tea residue, enhance the fun of tea, and the taste is better.
Multi-purpose teacup, You can put it in the living room, study, bedroom, office, tea set, desk, and he will make your space more elegant.
Beautiful packaging,We have beautiful packaging, you can give it to your friends, relatives, lovers, which will make them closer to you.
Basic Information:
Name: Kung Fu Tea Set
Material: Ceramic
Delivery list: a total of 11 tea sets, can be used by 8 people at the same time
Craft: hand drawn
Kung Fu Tea Set only, not other categories.
All data are measured manually. Please take the physical error of 1~2cm.
Because the light is different, the display will be different and the image will be colored. This is normal, no matter which is the current object.
If you have any questions, please contact us by email!

Teapot Set, Living Room Set Full Semi-automatic Purple Sand Kung

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