$544 FAMIROSA Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Leather Solid Wood Oak Feet Home Kitchen Furniture Feet,Wood,Solid,Genuine,joeandbeckycruse.com,Oak,/Mutisia200711.html,Classic,Sofa,Leather,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$544,1-Seat,FAMIROSA Feet,Wood,Solid,Genuine,joeandbeckycruse.com,Oak,/Mutisia200711.html,Classic,Sofa,Leather,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$544,1-Seat,FAMIROSA FAMIROSA High order Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Oak Solid Wood Leather Feet $544 FAMIROSA Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Leather Solid Wood Oak Feet Home Kitchen Furniture FAMIROSA High order Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Oak Solid Wood Leather Feet

FAMIROSA High order Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Oak Industry No. 1 Solid Wood Leather Feet

FAMIROSA Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Leather Solid Wood Oak Feet


FAMIROSA Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Leather Solid Wood Oak Feet

Product description

28$(不含平台运费)[Genuine leather]The contact surface of the human body is genuine leather, which feels soft and comfortable and maintains natural texture
*The oak feet prevent cracking and will not scratch the floor
Excellent load-bearing, firm and stable
*Stylish buckle design and rivet decoration, neatly arranged, delicate and beautiful
*The seat has enough space for you, filled with high-density sponge, has good resilience, which is durable and does not collapse, giving you an extremely comfortable sitting experience
*Multi-color selection, can match a variety of decoration style
Placement: living room, bedroom, office, hotel, bar, restaurant, etc
Material: Genuine leather (human contact surface) + PU leather (side, back, etc
) + high elastic sponge + brass rivets + solid wood oak feetColour: blackProduct Size: 41
31inchPackage size:41
77inNet Weight: 63
8lbsGross Weight:72
6lbsSelf-assembly: 2 people recommendedNo warranty service is provided
of Package(s): 1Wipe clean with a soft cloth

FAMIROSA Classic Sofa 1-Seat Genuine Leather Solid Wood Oak Feet

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