$41 Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Pad Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Cotton Quilted Saddle Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Pad Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Cotton Quilted Saddle $41 Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness PRI,All,Pad,Quilted,/Mutisia1885411.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pacific,joeandbeckycruse.com,$41,Saddle,Rim,Purpose,Cotton PRI,All,Pad,Quilted,/Mutisia1885411.html,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pacific,joeandbeckycruse.com,$41,Saddle,Rim,Purpose,Cotton

Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Pad Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Cotton Quilted Gifts Saddle

Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad


Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad

Product description

High Quality All purpose saddle pads available in a rainbow of colors. Complete with billet and girth straps. Quilted cotton shell with foam padding, contoured withers and assorted contrasting piping. Spine Length = 21 inches, Depth = 20 inches Ideal for Close Contact amp; All Purpose Saddles measuring 16, 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18 amp; 18.5 (for saddles under 16" - we recommend the PONY Size)

Pacific Rim PRI All Purpose Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad

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